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Content Marketing

I understand how the internet works. So, I know how to create evergreen content that continue to sell your products and services many years after I have published them.

My content marketing services include website content, product descriptions, product reviews, buying guides, well-optimized blog articles, social media calendars, and social media posts with professional graphic designs, etc.

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eBook Publishing only

Do you already have your book written and properly edited and you want me to publish it on every known online platform? No problem.

I will format your manuscript for ebook publishing, distribute it, create your publishing accounts, link your accounts to payment collection systems and then hand it over to you. You also get a free ebook cover design. I will not share any revenue with you from the sale of your ebook.

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Ghost Writing & eBook Publishing

Let me write and publish your next book.

I will also place your book on Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google, Overdrive (reach 33,000 retailers, libraries, schools & colleges.), Gardners (reach over 300 online retailers, over 2500 public libraries, and many other institutions throughout the UK and reach out to 50 countries worldwide).

Please, click the iWrite service calculator above to see the exact cost for writing and publishing your book.

Hi, I'm Tochukwu Daniel Nkwocha. I have written and supervised over 500 blog posts, 1,000 product reviews and buying guides, 200 newsletters, and scores of books.

I have led a team that has collectively written and published over 5, 000,000 (five million) words on the internet, and all of them plagiarism-free.

My personal commitment is to turn your ideas into excellent content that will resonate with your audience. I know that words are powerful, so I take care to use the right words for every project I take on. I will work with you throughout the project with unlimited revisions until I get exactly what you had in mind before hiring me.

Thank you for checking me out. Now, let’s get to work.

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Find Your Niche Guide Finding the right niche helps you succeed faster online.

Learn what a niche is precisely. You’ll learn about niches and what exactly niche marketing is and how it can help you build a successful business even as an author or aspiring one.

My Portfolio Some of the books and blogs I have worked on.

Check out the books and blogs showcased here to have a feel of what I and my team will create for you. I wrote the books shown here under a pen name and so hold the copyright to them. Could have shown you more books but Non-Disclosure Agreements with my clients wouldn’t let me.

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    Tochukwu Daniel Nkwocha

    Dubai Media City

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    P.O. Box: 72280, Dubai, UAE.


    Once you schedule an appointment with me, I will call you to understand what your needs are. I suggest and advise the best way to go about your idea. I send you a questionnaire to help you clearly articulate your thoughts. I listen to you speak so as to understand what you sound like. I write your book. I send you the draft to look at and get your feedback. I do the required number of revisions. I get the draft that is approved by you. I edit and I publish. Voila! You are now an author. The game plan is to write a book that anyone would pick and say you wrote it. To help you with the exact cost of my book writing service, I have developed a calculator. Check it out.


    Firstly, I’ll want to know if you already have a content strategy for your business. If yes, I look at your content strategy and work with it to determine how to best fit the blog into your overall content strategy. If you don’t have one, then we have to come up with one. A content strategy helps me create blog articles that clearly communicate your vision, mission, and services to your audience. I’ll then research blog topics relevant to your industry and business that will help you rank on search engines. I will send in these topics for your perusal, feedback, and approval. The final step will be to write the posts and publish them on your website. Please, see my rate calculator so you can determine the exact cost for your blog management project.


    It’s quite easy. Once you schedule an appointment with me, I will call to discuss what your expectations are. We could have a zoom meeting if you prefer that. I will send you a questionnaire to capture your thoughts and objectives for the project and you will also receive a content strategy document that would be reviewed every quarter. Then, you will get a calendar that covers the content for a full month for your approval. On your own part, I will require you to provide every resource from your company that would make my job effective. Every other thing is left for me to worry about – graphic design, posting, engagement, and interactions. You can follow @iwrite.ae on Instagram and also check out my rate calculator.


    The first step would be to look at your manuscript and see if it needs another edit or it’s good to be published. If it’s not properly edited, then I would recommend my editing service. If it is, the next step would be to format your book for ebook publishing, design a book cover that you would have to approve, then upload your book to over 30,000 online bookstores. I usually recommend that your book is published on Amazon only, both as an ebook and paperback for the first 90 days. At the end of the 90 days, I can then publish on other online book stores. My book publishing service includes researching keywords and writing a well-optimized book description that would make your book discoverable in the Amazon marketplace. See my rate calculator to help you determine the exact cost of this service to you.

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